Improve & Enable: LC-MS Solutions for Multiomics

Our LC-MS solutions upgrade your existing mass spectrometry front-end to improve sensitivity, throughput, and robustness, while enabling new mulitomics applications through the power of multispray.

Enhanced Workflow


5 - 50x

more sensitive compared to conventional methods.


CV ≤ 5%

from 300 plasma injections.


< 1 min.

per sample. More than 60 samples per hour.

Ion Sources

Our plug-and-play ion sources integrate with our MEA Chip and award-winning M3 multinozzle emitters to achieve high sensitivity, throughput, and robustness for liquid chromatography mass spectrometric (LC/MS) analysis.

DuoESI Source

DuoESI Platform for Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Shimadzu, and Bruker MS

Newomics MnESI IST02 ion source

MnESI Source

MnESI Ion Source for Thermo Scientific and Bruker Mass Spectrometers

MEA Chip

Monolithically integrates the M3 emitter with an on-chip LC column, reducing dead volume and simplifying the connection for nanoflow LC-MS.

MEA Chip

Available in 70 and 150 µm id, 15 and 20 cm L, 1.5 and 1.9 µm

Multinozzle Emitters

The first commercial silicon multinozzle for mass spectrometry. Plug and play, it delivers increased sensitivity, robustness, and throughput.

M3 Emitter Newomics

M3 Emitters

Available in 1-40 µL/min flow rates


Ready-to-use solutions kits that easily integrate with our emitters and sources.

Inlet Pump Kit

For Nanoflow and Microflow LC-MS

Native MS Kit

For Microflow LC-MS, 1-20 µL/min

Newomics Flow Splitting Kit

Flow Splitting Kit

For Microflow LC-MS, 1-25 µL/min

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