M3 Emitter Newomics

Precision Medicine

Newomics® M3 emitter is the first commercial multinozzle emitter device for mass spectrometry. The silicon chip is manufactured using semiconductor microfabrication techniques. The unique design with precision machining and plug-and-play interface delivers simplicity, sensitivity, reliability and robustness.

Enhanced Workflow


5 - 50x

more sensitive compared to conventional methods.


CV ≤ 5%

from 300 plasma injections.


< 1 min.

per sample. More than 60 samples per hour.

Microflow Nanospray Electrospray Ion Source

Newomics MnESI ion source IST01


MnESI Ion Source for Thermo Scientific New Generation Mass Spectrometers

Newomics MnESI IST02 ion source


MnESI Ion Source for Thermo Scientific Legacy Mass Spectrometers

Newomics MnESI ISB01


MnESI Ion Source for Bruker Mass Spectrometers

Multinozzle Emitters

M3 Emitter Newomics

M3 Emitters

Available in 1-40 µL/min flow rates


Native MS Kit

For Microflow LC-MS, 1-20 µL/min

Newomics Flow Splitting Kit

Flow Splitting Kit

For Microflow LC-MS, 1-25 µL/min

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