M3 Emitters

Newomics® M3 emitter is the first commercial multinozzle emitter device for mass spectrometry. This chip is manufactured on silicon using semiconductor microfabrication techniques. The unique chip design with precision-machining method and plug-and-play interface delivers ultimate sensitivity, reliability, simplicity, and ruggedness.


  • Extremely sensitive, over 10 fold sensitivity gain
  • Robust, clog-resistance
  • Ease of use, plug-and-play operation
  • Different emitter sizes available from 5 μm ID to 30 μm ID
  • A wide range of flow rates from nano to microflows
  • Interfaced to diverse mass spectrometers
  • Reusable


  • Biopharma
  • Clinical
  • Theranostic
  • Environmental
  • Food
  • Forensic

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SKIT-T01                                                                                                    Newomics® Starter Kit for Thermo Fisher QE-HF-X/Lumos/Quantiva

E8N10MU01                                                                                            Newomics® M3 Emitters, 10 μm I.D. –  8 nozzles

E8N05MU01                                                                                            Newomics® M3 Emitters, 5 μm I.D. –  8 nozzles

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