The New Solutions for Metabolomics

Learn about metabolomics, the rapidly advancing field, its major challenges, and Newomics platform solutions as showcased by customer publications, and Newomics application notes and webinars.

What is metabolomics?

Metabolomics is the systematic identification and quantitation of all metabolites (i.e., small molecules) in cells, biofluids, tissues or organisms. It includes lipidomics, glycomics, and glycolipidomics etc.

Despite the tremendous progress made in the last several years, challenges still remain in LCMS-based metabolomics. These include: (1) lack of sensitivity to detect the low-abundance species for small amounts of samples using high-flow LCMS; (2) lack of reproducibility for labile species such as glycolipids and steroids when high-temperature desolvation gas is used for ESI in high-flow LCMS; and (3) lack of accurate identification and quantitation of certain small molecules due to the challenges of sensitivity and reproducibility mentioned above.

How does Newomics enable metabolomics?

Newomics UniESI ion source, equipped with our breakthrough M3 emitters and MEA chips, enables nano/microflow LCMS under the room temperature for metabolomics applications. It has achieved high sensitivity and high reproducibility analysis of small molecules including lipids and glycans.

The following are representative publications from our customers, as well as application notes and webinars from Newomics, collectively demonstrating the power of our UniESI system, for a variety of applications in LCMS-based metabolomics.

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