Advancing Biomarker Discovery: Innovative Nanoflow LC-MS Techniques for Glycolipid and Glycoprotein Analysis

Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, 10 AM PST

Ryan L. Schindler, Ph.D.
Lebrilla Laboratory, UC Davis

Glycosylation plays a pivotal role in mediating interactions and modulating biological equilibrium, by untemplated modifications of proteins and lipids. This process results as a significant source of structural diversity for these biomolecules through varied compositions and glycosidic linkages, underscoring the need for sophisticated analytical methods. This webinar will present the development of nanoflow HPLC-Q/ToF methodologies, utilizing Newomics’ C-18 MEA Chip for the identification and quantification of glycosphingolipids within the elderly human brain.

We will discuss our success in separating glycan and lipid isomers of these intact structures, revealing the intricate glycolipid profiles within sub-synaptic lipid rafts and their variations associated with aging and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, we will explore the development of chromatographic and ESI conditions for the sensitive analysis of the low-abundance O-glycoprotein, ApoE, employing Agilent Technologies’ Nanoadapter alongside the MEA Chip.

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Ryan L. Schindler, Ph.D.

Lebrilla Laboratory, UC Davis.