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Newomics Inc. is a commercial-stage biotechnology company that sells and develops innovative (New) and integrative (Omics) platforms and solutions for precision medicine.

Newomics MnESI ion source IST01


We are excited to introduce Newomics new Microflow-nanospray Electrospray Ionization (MnESI) source that empowers Newomics award-winning M3 multinozzle emitters to multiply your mass spectrometry performance.

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The M3 Emitter

Our award-winning multinozzle emitter splits the incoming flow evenly into multiple smaller streams, thereby dramatically enhancing the ionization efficiency to achieve unprecedented sensitivity, throughput, and robustness for LC-MS.


Any LC-MS application can benefit from the M3 emitter, from clinical diagnostics to biomarker discovery to drug development to food and environmental monitoring to forensic analysis and more. Detailed application notes are available for bottom-up proteomics, targeted proteomics, and shotgun lipidomics.


Compared to the conventional single-nozzle emitters, the M3 emitter from Newomics provides 3-5 times higher peptide signals in ESI-MS and more robust and stable spray across the LC gradient. This allows me to use microliter flow rate LC-MS for a large set of biological samples for biomarker discovery, and ensures the reproducible results and similar sensitivity as nanoLC-MS has.

Shujia Dai, Ph.D.

The 8-nozzle emitter showed a 5-10-fold increase in sensitivity for protein therapeutics in human serum compared to the standard LC-MS (HESI source) at the flow rate of 5 μL/min. Preliminary analysis of replicate injections from the same samples showed an excellent CV by the measurement of peak area ratios and no additional carryover.

Ji Ma, Ph.D.
formerly with Amgen

3X improvement in peak intensities was observed for the 8-nozzle emitter in comparison with the ESI sprayer for non-denaturing LC-MS. Moreover, the generally sharper peaks and charge envelope shifted towards higher m/z suggest a more nanospray-like emission and possibly better preservation of the native conformation.

Theresa McLaughlin, Ph.D.

From my tests, the detection of a mix of 10 peptides spiked in plasma extracts, was 5-6X more sensitive (and up to > 10X) with Newomics multi-nozzle emitter than with classical ESI source with a single-nozzle.

Bertrand Rochat, Ph.D.
University of Lausanne

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