Detailed application notes for native mass spectrometry, bottom-up proteomics, targeted proteomics, and shotgun lipidomics are shown below.

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3 – M3 Emitters for Shotgun Lipidomics

plasma samples
Application Lipidomics
Product Newomics M3 multinozzle Emitter
Instrumentation Thermo Fisher TSQ Quantiva™ mass spectrometer
Samples Pooled human plasma samples (NIST SRM1950)
Performance ~7.5% CV; LOD (S/N=3)=0.17 pmole/uL; 2-fold sensitivity increase


Shotgun lipidomics by ESI-MS is widely used for the global analysis of lipids in biological samples such as human plasma. Direct-infusion ESI-MS by nanoflow (flow rate < 1 µL/min) is routinely performed to achieve high sensitivity for identifying and quantifying hundreds of lipid species in small volumes of samples. Current single-nozzle emitter technologies including PicoTip1•2•3•A and NanoTip5 have been utilized for … (Read More)

8 – Small Molecules Analysis: Enhanced Sensitivity and Robustness Using a Microflow LC and Nanospray MS Platform

small molecule
Application Small Molecules
Product Newomics MnESI Source for Thermo Scientific New Generation Mass Spectrometers; M3 Emitter
Instrumentation Thermo Fisher Scientific 3000 RSLCnano UHPLC system; TSQ Quantiva Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
Samples Organic grapefruit extracted with acetonitrile (ACN)
Performance 110-fold sensitivity gain; RSD less than 3.5%


The sensitivity of liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS) increases significantly with a decreasing column diameter and reduced flow rates. The relationship has been shown to follow a power-law function empirically [1]. As a result, microflow LC-MS has benefits with increased sensitivity, reduced sample, and solvent consumption, and decreased matrix effects, compared to conventional high-flow LC-MS. However, it still lacks … (Read More)

9 – MnESI-MS Platform for Sensitive Analysis of Oligonucleotides

Application Oligonucleotides
Product Newomics MnESI Source for Thermo Scientific Legacy Mass Spectrometers; Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC-MS; M3 Emitter
Instrumentation Orbitrap Q Exactive Plus mass spectrometer
Samples 21 mer DNA oligo CAG TCG ATT GTA CTG TAC TTA
Performance 30-fold sensitivity gain, with a CV of less than 5%


Oligonucleotide therapeutics including single-stranded antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) and double-stranded siRNAs are rapidly growing. Compared to traditional hybridization-based methods such as ELISA and PCR, mass spectrometry (MS) analysis of oligonucleotide is more specific because it can discriminate and quantify not only the full-length products but also their impurities and metabolites. High-flow ion-pairing reversed-phase chromatography has become the LC method of choice for … (Read More)