Our DuoESI Source for Shimadzu MS is ready to ship

Posted on 10.09.23

The time has finally arrived: our DuoESI Source for Shimadzu MS is officially launched and ready to ship.

The Shimadzu DuoESI Source features the same excellent benefits of our existing DuoESI Sources for Thermo Fisher, Bruker, and Agilent mass spectrometers, including swappable nanoflow and microflow modules that provide two ion sources for the cost of one.

Other key benefits of our DuoESI Source:

  • Powered by our award-winning multispray M3 emitter and breakthrough monolithic MEA chip.
  • Significantly enhances ionization efficiency to achieve high sensitivity, throughput, and robustness for multiomics analysis.
  • Swappable ion sources reduce sample preparation and SOPs.

It’s one unified multiomics platform solution. See the DuoESI Source of Shimadzu MS.