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The first DuoESI-MS platform solution for superior microflow and nanoflow LC-MS. The DuoESI Source is compatible with all mass spectrometers from Agilent, Bruker, and Thermo Fisher.

Key Advantages of Our DuoESI-MS Platform Solution

  • Operates across different flow rates for LC-MS, ranging from low nL/min to high uL/min to high-flow (with flow splitting)
  • Interfaces with all mass spectrometers from three leading MS vendors (Agilent, Bruker, Thermo Fisher)
  • Addresses the fundamental challenges in mass spectrometry: sensitivity, robustness, and throughput
Components of DuoESI Platform


The DuoESI platform includes three key components:

  1. DuoESI source (new)
  2. M3 emitter
  3. MEA chip with integrated on-chip LC columns (new)

The whole system is plug-and-play. Now you can utilize the same mass spectrometer to perform biomarker discovery using nanoflow LC-MS, validation using microflow LC-MS, and assay production using high-flow LC-MS, without even replacing your ion source.

The swapping between the interchangeable interface modules for nanoflow and microflow takes only minutes. Furthermore, the assays developed using the MS from different vendors can be unified into an integrated workflow.

Posters Featured at ASMS 2022

Interfacing MnESI and Q-TOF Mass Spectrometers for Microflow LC-MS

This poster demonstrates a new microflow-nanospray ESI-MS platform by interfacing M3 emitters with Agilent Q-TOF mass spectrometers for sensitive and robust quantification of intact proteins under both native and denatured conditions.

View Abstract View Poster

NanoMEA Chip Platform for Proteomics

This poster benchmarks the performance of nanoMEA chips for small-volume top-down and bottom-up proteomics.

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