Proprietary platforms and assays enable LC-MS-based proteomics, metabolomics, and lipidomics analyses of small amounts of biological samples including human blood samples, mammalian cells, host cell proteins, CHO cell culture media, and antibody drugs etc. We have established state-of-the-art 2D LC-MS/MS systems including Thermo QE-plus, Thermo Quantiva, and Waters Q-TOF mass spectrometers, as well as a wide range of bioinformatics tools.

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Newomics provides both bottom-up and top-down proteomics services with our proprietary technologies.
(a) Bottom-up proteomics: identification, label-free quantitation, and pathway analysis of over 3,000 proteins starting from 1-5 x10e5 mammalian cells (e.g., stem cells, cancer cells).
(b) Top-down proteomics: identification and label-free quantitation of a multi-timescale, multi-marker panel for monitoring diabetes and other diseases starting from 5 microliters of human blood samples.
(c) Bioinformatics with the following capabilities:
-Proteome Discoverer with Sequest and Mascot search engines;
-ProSightPC for top-down MS data search;
-BioPharma Finder for intact protein analysis;
-Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA).


Newomics provides shotgun lipidomics services.
(a) Identification and absolute quantitation of over 300 lipid species from 15 classes starting from 5 microliter or less of human blood samples.
(b) Bioinformatics with the following capabilities:
-Compound Discoverer with mzCloud, ChemSpider, and KEGG pathway search and other customized databases;
-TraceFinder for small molecule targeted analysis;
-LipidSearch for lipidomics data search and label-free quantitation.

Clinical Validation of In Vitro Diagnostics/Companion Diagnostics

Newomics is open to a free pilot project for feasibility studies.

Newomics performs NIH-funded studies for many different purposes, such as environmental biomonitoring, natural products R&D, stem cell research, biomarker discovery and screening, and drug screening and discovery (see Selected Publications). These services will be offered to a wide range of clients in different settings including government agencies, universities, biopharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. Additional multiomics services will be offered to meet client’s specific R&D needs.

Selected Publications

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  • “Biomonitoring of Perfluorinated Compounds in a Drop of Blood,” (2015) Environmental Science & Technology, 49(11), 6808-6814.
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