Newomics and Bruker Announce a Collaboration on High-throughput Bioanalysis

Posted on 03.09.22

Newomics and Bruker Corporation, on March 2nd, 2022, announced a collaboration on a novel LC-MS platform for drug discovery in the Pharma/Biopharma industry as well as research institutions.

The two companies agreed on co-marketing Newomics’s Microflow-nanospray Electrospray Ionization (MnESI) product line with Bruker’s maxis II and timsTOF Pro 2 mass spectrometers. The joint MnESI-MS platform offers unmatched isotopic fidelity, sensitivity, robustness, and reproducibility for high-throughput analysis of small volumes of biological samples.

“This co-marketing agreement is built upon close collaborations between our R&D teams over the last several years. We look forward to working with Newomics to create workflows using MnESI products on Bruker mass spectrometers for biologics and native mass spec applications” said Michael Greig, Director, Pharma/Biopharma Americas at Bruker.

“We are excited to expand our successful collaborations with Bruker,” said Daojing Wang, Ph.D., Newomics Founder, and CEO. “Our M3 emitter is the first commercial multinozzle emitter for mass spectrometry. The new MnESI source directly addresses several key pain points in mass spectrometry analysis of native proteins, protein complexes, and oligonucleotides, and opens up new opportunities for biopharmaceutical and clinical research and development.”

More information about the Bruker Mass Spectrometers is available hereNewomics MnESI + Bruker TimsTOF