New Solutions for Metabolomics, and More

Posted on 05.23.24

LCMS-Based Metabolomics Applications

Despite the tremendous progress made in the last several years, challenges still remain in LCMS-based metabolomics. Our UniESI ion source, equipped with our breakthrough M3 emitters and MEA chips, enables nano/microflow LCMS under room temperature for metabolomics applications. These technologies streamline the workflow from sample preparation to analysis, significantly improving the efficacy and accuracy of metabolic profiling.

Visit our metabolomics page to see new publications from our customers, as well as application notes and webinars, collectively demonstrating the power of our UniESI system for a variety of applications in LCMS-based metabolomics.

Introducing the Inlet Pump Kit

The Newomics Inlet Pump Kit is a unique addition to our product line. It is designed to enable the exclusive post-column inlet (PCI) functions of the Newomics MEA chip and M3 emitter on the DuoESI/UniESI ion source systems. Whether used in the forward flow mode for stable direct infusion of solvents or in the reverse flow mode for vent function, this kit enhances the versatility and performance of our ion source systems.