Newomics and IonOpticks Collaborate to Broaden Chromatography Accessibility for MS

Posted on 12.06.23

Newomics and IonOpticks today announced exciting collaborations to interface IonOpticks’ leading chromatography solutions, particularly the Aurora Series columns, with Newomics’ universal ion source for electrospray ionization mass spectrometry or UniESI source, for nano/microflow LC-MS applications.

IonOpticks is renowned for high performance liquid chromatography columns (or “solutions”) for mass spectrometry. Its flagship Aurora Series columns are celebrated for their precision, efficiency, and reliability in protein separation and analysis, particularly for single cell analysis. Newomics UniESI source is a truly open-source end-to-end solution that puts an end to juggling 3-4 ion sources with different tubing connections on the same mass spectrometer.

This partnership underscores both parties’ commitment to broadening the accessibility and application of the top-tier chromatography and ion source technologies to mass spectrometer users. Thanks to Newomics’ innovative development of the UniESI source, IonOpticks’ Aurora Series columns are now seamlessly compatible with Agilent mass spectrometers. This latest enhancement opens new avenues for researchers and laboratories using Agilent mass specs to leverage the superior performance of the Aurora Series column range, and to explore the benefits and possibilities of nano- and microflow methods.

Dr. Jarrod Sandow, Head of Product Development at IonOpticks, highlights the importance of this development: “Working alongside Newomics, we’re unlocking new possibilities in LC-MS technology. This move not only broadens the Aurora Series columns’ compatibility but also creates new opportunities for research in proteomics.

“We are setting new standards in sensitivity and efficiency, enabling scientists to delve deeper into the complexities of biological systems and make groundbreaking discoveries. We believe this is a pivotal step towards realizing the full potential of mass spectrometry in both research and clinical applications,” Dr. Sandow continued.

“We listened to our customers and the UniESI Source is our answer to their needs of streamlining their workflows with different LC columns, for diverse applications such as single cell analysis, drug discovery, and clinical diagnosis, using a wide range of mass spectrometers. We look forward to working with IonOpticks to integrate their leading chromatography products with our UniESI Source, and continuously with mass spectrometer vendors, to make our UniESI Source for the masses,” said Dr. Daojing Wang, Founder and CEO, Newomics.

Researchers and scientists can learn more about and become early access customers for the UniESI Source.