MnESI Platform = MnESI Source + M3 Emitter

We are excited to introduce Newomics new Microflow-nanospray Electrospray Ionization (MnESI) source that empowers Newomics award-winning M3 multinozzle emitters to multiply your mass spectrometry performance.

Features and Benefits

The New MnESI Source

  • Empowers Newomics multinozzle emitters for significantly improved LC/MS performance
  • Delivers nanoflow sensitivity and lower detection limit
  • Allows smaller sample amount
  • Enables higher sample throughput and faster analysis speed
  • Achieves high robustness and excellent reproducibility for complex matrix analysis
  • Visualizes spray via high quality imaging system


Ionization Mode

Atmospheric pressure electrospray ionization (ESI), both positive and negative mode.

ESI Probe

Newomics M3 Emitter (refer to M3 Emitter specification)

Open or Closed System

Closed source

Flow Rate

Nano (20 – 1000 nL/min)
Micro (1 – 50 µL/min)

Spray Angle

Fixed angle of 25°

Spray Voltage

0 – 6 kV

Sheath Gas Flow Setting

0 – 30

Auxiliary Gas Flow Setting

0 – 20 (optional)

Translational Stage

Linear XY-axis manual stage, ±5 mm travel distance, 30 µm travel accuracy


1.3M pixels, 20x ̶ 90x magnification rate, color CMOS sensor, up to 30 fps frame rate

Light Source

Cool white (9000K) 5 mm round LED light, luminous intensity 46400 mcd


Face seal, finger-tight 10-32 threaded fittings including Thermo nanoViper, IDEX MarvelX and MarvelXACT, Waters ZenFit, Phenomenex SecurityLink, VICI Cheminert C360IZR1, and nanoConnect

Unit Dimension

Width: 25 cm (9.8 in.)
Height: 17.5 cm (6.9 in.)
Depth: 15 cm (5.9 in.)

Unit Weight

3 kg

Models and MS Compatibility
Catalog # IS-T01

MnESI Source for Thermo Scientific New Generation Mass Spectrometers (e.g. Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, Eclipse, Exploris, and TSQ Altis Triple quadrupole mass spectrometers)

Catalog # IS-T02

MnESI Source for Thermo Scientific Legacy Mass Spectrometers (e.g. Orbitrap Q Exactive mass spectrometers)

Catalog # IS-B01

MnESI Source for Bruker Mass Spectrometers (e.g. maxis II QTOF, timsTOF Pro mass spectrometers)


Newomics MnESI-MS platform streamlines analysis of native antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, and large protein complexes. It achieves static nanoflow sensitivity and excellent data quality, allows for automated processing and higher throughput via LC/MS, and provides better preservation of protein native state during the ESI process.

SEC-LC/MS analysis of GroEL tetradecaner protein complex using the MnESI-MS platform with M3 Emitter at the microflow of 5 µL/min.


Newomics Microflow-nanospray ESI-MS (MnESI-MS ) Platform

See the superior performance and features of our MnESI-MS platform based on Newomics award-winning multinozzle M3 emitter technology and the new MnESI source; and learn how the MnESI-MS platform benefits your LC/MS applications.
Brochure / English / Oct 2020

Events and Training

Newomics at US HUPO 2021

A New LC-MS Platform for Clinical Proteomics
Na Parra
Senior Director of Marketing, Newomics

Recorded March 10th, 2021

Watch Recorded Webinar

Newomics Native MS Webinar

Newomics MnESI Platform – Multiply Your MS Performance
Na Parra
Senior Director of Marketing, Newomics

Rosa Viner
Program Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Recorded November 19th, 2020

Watch Recorded Webinar

Bruker User’s Meeting

Interfacing Newomics MnESI Platform with Bruker MS for Protein and Peptide Analysis
Na Parra
Senior Director of Marketing, Newomics

Recorded October 23rd, 2020

Watch Recorded Webinar

HUPO Connect 2020 Newomics Poster

Microflow-Nanospary ESI-MS (MnESI-MS) Platform for Human Plasma Proteomics
Authors: Na Parra, Kai Szeto, Pan Mao, Yan Han, and Daojing Wang


Newomics Product Portfolio

Newomics Inc. is dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative and integrative platforms and solutions for precision medicine. Our plug-and-play (Microflow nanospray ESI-MS) MnESI-MS platform integrates the MnESI source with the award-winning M3 emitters to significantly enhance ionization efficiency and achieve high sensitivity, throughput, and robustness for LC/MS analysis. The applications of Newomics MnESI-MS products and solutions have been successfully demonstrated for protein, peptide, lipid, and nucleic acid analysis by interfacing to mass spectrometers from multiple leading manufacturers.

Newomics current products feature the M3 Emitter, the first commercial multinozzle emitter device for mass spectrometry, the Starter Kit for Thermo Fisher Mass Spectrometers, and the new MnESI sources for Thermo Fisher and Bruker Mass Spectrometers.


Newomics are currently collaborating with leading mass spectrometry manufacturers including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker, Sciex, and Waters. We look forward to further optimizing our MnESI-MS platforms and solutions to best meet the diverse needs from our customers.