Native LC-MS Platform for Intact Mass Analysis of Protein Drugs

Recorded On: February 23rd, 2021

Speaker: Yuetian Yan, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist @ Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

In this webinar, Dr. Yan described the development of a versatile, sensitive, and robust nLC−MS platform that can support various nLC−MS applications. The platform can tolerate a wide range of LC flow rates and high salt concentrations, which are critical for accommodating different nLC methods. In addition, a dopant-modified desolvation gas can be readily applied on this platform to achieve online charge-reduction native MS, which improves the characterization of both heterogeneous and labile biomolecules. This platform can be routinely applied in protein drug characterization.

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Yuetian Yan, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist @ Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Yan’s research focuses on developing native LC/MS based methods for therapeutic protein characterization for supporting mAb drug development and regulatory filings.