Newomics and Thermo Fisher Scientific Launch the SEED Program for MnESI

Starting on January 11, 2022, we’ll collaborate with our co-marketing partners at Thermo Fisher Scientific to find 10-15 labs that meet the project’s criteria.

The SEED program focuses on helping researchers develop new mass spectrometry applications of native MS studies of:

  • Antibodies
  • ADCs
  • Protein complexes
  • AAVs
  • Clinical proteomics and nucleic acid analysis

If your lab meets the requirements, Newomics will send you a MnESI ion source that is compatible with Thermo MS New Generation or Thermo Legacy, as well as technical support.

After one month, you’ll decide whether you want to keep the ion source and purchase it at a reduced price or return it.

* The SEED Program is limited to the US.

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